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How to prevent viruses ?

When you go outside , this is what you must do !

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How to prevent viruses ?

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Wear a mask .

Wash your hands every day to keep all the germs away .

Don't lick your fingers .

Don't pick your nose .

Don't rub your eyes .

Also the product which is useful during this period .

When you go outside , this is what you must do !

Or you can wear this kind hat , one more layer of protection when childrens are outside .

How to prevent viruses ?

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1. Get plenty of sleep

2. Eat organic, more veggies

3. Lose a bit weight by any non-stressful means

4. Cut down on stress

5. Take daily walks at least 30 min a day (60 min is better)

6. Daily mild exercising and stretching

7. Drink plenty of hot fluids, like tea, hot water, hot milk and coffee Natural Remedies:

8. Astragalus Extract (2000-3000 mg daily)

9. Garlic (1-2 raw garlic cloves) cut up into several pieces and swallow like pills with water first thing in the morning and 30 min before eating or drinking anything, do not chew

10. Organic turmeric with a bit of ginger and black pepper

11. 2-3 teaspoons of organic oat bran powder daily Breathing Exercise (very potent, most important): 12. An immune-boosting breathing exercise: 10-15 min a day, sit comfortably in a quiet place, eyes closed, breathe deeper than normal, focusing attention on sensations of the air going in and out, use diaphragm and get the midsection involved, noticing the expansion and contraction of the midsection. End when feel stronger, younger, exhilarated, happy and experience a pleasant sensation in the cavity below the diaphragm. If did not achieve the sensation in the stomach on first try, keep doing it daily.