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The Best Cycling Backpacks For Commuters

Ride through all elements and carry your gear in comfort

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The rucksack is all too often forgotten when people kit themselves out for a cycle commute. A bike is top of the list, naturally enough, followed by safety and security equipment like locks, lights and a helmet, and then you move gleefully on to gear like a waterproof jacket, maybe even padded shorts and a jersey. And after that you might think you’re done – the chances are you already have a backpack you use for work, after all.

But you are not done, because using the wrong backpack for your cycle commute is going to ruin it. For one, there’s the back sweat, which cannot be underestimated – in terms of the amount of it and how unpleasant it is. Proper cycling rucksacks counter this by using mesh or some other mechanism that allows air to circulate around your back during your ride.

Those cycling rucksacks will also be waterproof or at least water-resistant, because even if you only commute by bike when you wake up to glorious sunshine the weather can turn on you mid-ride. There will also be plenty of space in the backpack to carry everything you need for a day in the office, and the best cycling bags have separate pockets for sweaty gear and padded sections to protect laptops and tablets.

So be smart and get a proper cycling rucksack for your commute. Here are the best available.

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