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How to consider for Children’s backpack customization

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There is a great demand for children's school bags before school starts .


What factors to consider for Children’s backpack customization

1. Schoolbag customization needs to consider the size

As a children’s bag and an adult backpack, there are many different factors, and the size of the bag is one of the important factors. Often the children’s schoolbags in the first grade only need about 20*28cm size. As the grade grows, the original size can no longer meet the requirements of book, and the corresponding 3-4 grade schoolbag. the size is about 24*30cm. Then the 5-6 grade is basically the same size as the adult backpack, about 30-40cm.

2. Book bag customization needs to consider the appearance

As a child bag, there are no glamorous appearance and beautiful color will not be liked by children. Of course, the style of students after junior high school will change greatly, so let’s talk about it separately. As a junior girl, there will be a little princess, and the boys will have cars. This is a common pattern used to retouch the appearance of a bag. A bag with such a pattern is often accepted and sold.

3. Bag customization needs to be considered load design reasonable

Whether the back strap is good or not is the inner embodiment of the quality of the bag. Because it is different from the appearance, for ppearanc only needs visual and intuitive feeling to judge whether it is beautiful. The load design system and back strap of the bag need students to feel in the long-term use. Whether to press the shoulder, whether it feels the angle of force is not right, if the long-term use of poor quality backpacks will bring disadvantages to the growth of children, so the good back strap load design system can reduce the burden, the force is even, the length and size fit together. It is a good school bag.