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Pizza Picnic


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Pizza Picnic

Spring and summer is the perfect time for picnics and al fresco family dining.
We love pizza and we love grilling .
We had lots of fun spending time together in the park eat pizza and enjoyed a pizza picnic dinner.
Keep Things Simple.
Having a park pizza picnic is a great way to make dinnertime a lot more exciting!

It’s all about enjoying the time together and enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors. The most important thing is simply to choose a great pizza bag and our favorite is INSULATED PIZZA DELIVERY BAG .

DEGUSABAGS Focus On customized bag


Ensure your pizzas are kept warm, with this Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag.

Featuring padded insulated panels inside, this bag retains heat and helps keep pizza warmer for longer, which ensures your customers are receiving hot food.

The roomy dimensions of the bag allow for fitting two pizza boxes inside, cutting down on your need to buy multiple bags.

The polyester material is superior to cotton for a delivery bag, because of its hard-wearing and durable qualities suitable for the rigours of the road.

The inner and outer material will last for an extended amount of time, ensuring the insulation is functioning and cutting down on your need to buy replacements.

The opening flap is fixed by velcro for a secure hold.

If your vehicle is bumping on the road, the last thing you want is to find is the flap open and your pizzas cold.

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