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How to find a reliable Chinese supplier of bag industry? 

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When we think of the best gym bag, tactical or functional gear comes to mind, but when we think of the best yoga mat, the options seem a bit limited. The former is likely to be rain-proof and sweat-proof - there are about a million pockets for keys, water bottles, a change of clothes, a laptop, shower supplies and a first-born child - and the latter may be as simple as a strap attached to either end of a rolled up mat. Not only does this sling construction expose your trusty mat to the elements, but you also have to pack another bag for anything else you want to bring to class.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to the humble yoga sling.

What to look for in a yoga mat bag?

Specifically, the best yoga mat carriers and bags you can find are more protective, more spacious, and won’t loosen or let your mat unfurl on the ground while you're trying to lug it through a crowd of commuters (this can’t just be a “me” problem, right?). A high-quality yoga mat carrier should be easy to carry over your shoulder or across your body—without causing fatigue if your trip to the yoga studio takes a while. For extra points, your yoga mat carrier of choice can be water-resistant or, better yet, machine-washable (for those particularly sweaty hot yoga classes).