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As a sales, need to keep up with The Times, mining explosive dividend ability is essential, otherwise it is difficult to make a lot of money; Despite the recent weakness in global demand and the obvious signs of recession, there is also an opportunity lurking in the crisis.

The first opportunity is the "lipstick effect" product. The "lipstick effect" is an interesting economic phenomenon. In the U.S., lipstick sales have skyrocketed in times of recession. In the economic downturn, people still have a strong desire to consume and will turn to buy cheaper goods, which is called the "lipstick effect", so the demand is always there, but people prefer to buy cheaper things, saving money for everyone is big business in the present and near future.

The second opportunity is "technology trend" products. In the CES just past, there was an important trend of VR fever, which I think may be a big opportunity in the next few years. There are several signals, although VR has been hot for several rounds, the technology has basically matured, especially the technical problems of content ecology and vertigo have been solved. Take a look at FACEBOOK's Meta Quest, which claims to have shipped 15 million units. Secondly, Apple's VR products are about to come out, and the main supply chain is located in Shenzhen. We can lay out this product and push it to the market. When the high-end market is in trouble, it is always good business to be a follower of the middle and low end.

In times of economic crisis, people are very anxious and need some ways to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. For example, pet products have a large market of 200 billion dollars in the world. Now pets are better off than people. Meanwhile, some stress-reducing toys and supplies are good categories for years to come.

The fourth opportunity is to mention the "new energy" products, which are numerous, such as global heat, Power station, home energy storage, portable solar energy, charging pile, etc. This kind of product in the Chinese supply chain is very strong and can be tried.